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The 1st edition of the eDrone study Course. Faculty of Physics and Engineering (USM).

The 1st edition of the eDrone study Course to Instruct Attendees (CIA) examination test was completed on February 11th, 2019. Today, 20 specialists, who have successfully accomplished these training courses, received state Certificates – numbered, on an official registration form, clearly indicating on the Erasmus+ “Educational for Drone (eDrone)” project, as well as topics studied and the allocated time on them. In this context, there was a joint meeting of the eDrone consortium trainers, graduates of the the 1st edition of the eDrone CIA courses and the newly enrolled trainees at the 2nd edition of the CIA courses in the Senate Hall of the Moldova State University. The National ERASMUS+ Coordinator, Ms Claudia Melinte and the representatives of all Moldovan partners cheered the attendees. 


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